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Boy Alice in Wonderland is the Spring Troupe's second play and was first released on March 24th during the same-named event. This time the spotlight was set on Usui Masumi, who played the leading role as Alice. However Alice isn't a young girl in this adaptation but a male college student. Also for the first time, Chigasaki Itaru played the second lead and a double staffing. He acted the University Professor of young Alice, as well as The Mad Hatter. Like previous Spring Troupe plays, Boy Alice in Wonderland is again an adaptation of a classic tale.

Synopsis Edit

Alice refused an invite from his college friends because he thought that it was a bother and a waste of time. “You’re smart but your uptightness is one of your drawbacks. Drink this and you might be able to loosen up a little” Alice drank the tea that was handed to him with a detestable expression. Alice then felt a sudden drowsiness and ends up falling asleep, only to wake up at the base of a large tree…

Performance Edit

Boy Alice in Wonderland Performance
Alice 01
Alice: Nn……
Has the professor left?
White Rabbit: Oh noー I’ll be late at this rate!
I have to hurry.
Alice: A white rabbit cosplay? Aren’t you mistaking the location?
This isn’t the amusement park, it’s within the college campus!
White Rabbit: Then, are you cosplaying as a college student?
That’s what you’re saying though.
Moreover, you’re getting in people’s way by blocking the path over there.
Alice 02
Alice: There’s no way that there’d be a path at the base of a large tree.
Stop trying to make excuses!
White Rabbit: Whichever way’s fine.
I just want you to move those long legs of yours away.
I’ll be late at this rate!
What lied at the bottom of the hole that they fell into was a strange world, almost as if it was from a dream.
Alice: Logically speaking, this isn’t reality!
Therefore, it’s a dream!
White Rabbit: Oi, hey, you!
Are you really alright, sitting in such a place?
For crying out loudー Well it can’t be helpedー I’m in a hurry.
I better leave before I bump into troublesome people.<bt>Ah~ Hurry, hurry.
Alice 03
In order for Alice who had been separated from the white rabbit to wake up from the dream, he sat at the same spot once more, waiting, striking up a conversation with the Cheshire Cat who had caught his interest.
Cheshire Cat: That’s my napping spot.
Could you move aside?
Alice: What’s next after the white rabbit is a cat cosplay.
What a headache-inducing dream this is.
Cheshire Cat: Though to me, you’re the one who seems to be dreaming.
If you want to awaken from this dream,
You should try meeting with the Mad Hatter.
You’ll surely wake up if you go participate in the tea party.
As told to by the Cheshire Cat, Alice headed through the forest to meet the Mad Hatter. However, the forest has strangely gotten larger, making him lost. In the end, Alice had finally arrived at the tea party where the Mad Hatter, who looked exactly like his professor, drank tea alone.
Alice: Professor!! Why are you here!?
Mad Hatter: Professor? What’s that?
Alice: …Well, whatever. I want to wake up from this dream through your tea.
Mad Hatter: Say, do you guys know anything about it?
That if he drinks my tea, he’ll be able to awaken?
I’ve never heard of that.
Right, you all?
Alice: I’ll just say this but there doesn’t seem to be anyone here asides from me…
Who are you talking to?
Mad Hatter: No one’s here? Is that so?
March hare and the rest,
I did invite them though…
Alice: Won’t you know just by looking?
The only people here are me and you, the both of us.
Alice: Humph, the only things you can see and understand are the things which can only be seen.
But wouldn’t that just be really serious of you to be doing so?
Alice: Ahh, my head hurts.
Alice 04
Mad Hatter: I know! The castle.
It would be better if you met with the King Of Hearts whom resides there.
I’m sure you’ll be able to awaken if you do that.
Alice headed to the castle to meet the King of Hearts just as the strange Mad Hatter, who looked exactly like his professor had told him to in order to awaken from this dream.
King of Hearts: Who was the one who planted white roses here?
It’ll be a death penalty!
Card: Hiiie!!
Alice: Are you the King of Hearts?
King of Hearts: Indeed.
Alice: I’m Alice. Actually, there was something I’d like to ask of youー
King of Hearts: I see, so you–
–are challenging me to the croquet game.
Alice: How? How did it come to this…what a headache this is…
Alice 05
Alice who had arrived at the castle met the King Of Hearts and was made to participate in a croquet game. Moreover, unlike croquet in the real world, it was a strange spot, hitting a live hedgehog pole using a flamingo’s mallet.
King of Hearts: Hm--m, it went through smoothly.
Ace: As expected of the king! That was brilliant!
King of Hearts: Now, next is your turn, Alice-kun.
Alice: With a flamingo and hedgehogs…
King of Hearts: So you’re saying that you can’t play a croquet game with me?
Then, you’ll have a death penalty!
Alice: Ha?
King of Hearts: Death penalty.
Alice: I don’t understand you. I was just--
King of Hearts: Death penalty.
Ace: It’s the king’s orders! Now, catch him!
Alice: How did it become this way…
Cards: Catch him-
Alice: Why do I
have to face a death penalty.
This is all really messed up!
And then Alice woke up with a start at the base of the College’s large tree. And so, a new day came about.
Professor: Morning, Alice-kun. How are you feeling?
Alice 06
Alice: The worst of the worst.
I’ve considerably wasted my time.
Professor: Right, that’s the answer to what your question was earlier.
What you didn’t see was much treasured leisure time.
Now’s the only time for you to enjoy.
So I think you have to cherish and enjoy it as much as you can.
Alice: I’ll take note of that.
Professor: Oh? You’re rather obedient today.
Alice: I’d feel bad if I had to take up another cup of tea.

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