Where to download Edit

On iOS, Android or QooApp 

How to install Edit

Terms and conditions

First you will be asked if you agree to the terms and conditions of playing the game (grey button). The button on the lower left (blue) is disagree, while the button on the lower right (pink) is agree. To proceed with the game you will have to agree.

Welcome to a3

Welcome to A3! Here, it is asking if you will be transferring data (left button, grey) or starting a new game (right button, pink).

Here we get to enter our user and character names. User names can be a maximum of 10 characters/letters, while your character/heroine’s name is a maximum of 5 characters, her default name being “Tachibana Izumi”. You can change both later on.


Once you’ve entered your information press the pink button at the bottom to confirm.


One final confirmation of your user name and heroine name: press OK (pink) if you’re good to go, or cancel (blue) if you’d like to change/rename.

Please do not enter any personal or sensitive information, okay!

Tips Edit

From now on it’ll be a series of guided tutorials in-game about its various features, but before that, we have the first half of the Prologue! To read the Prologue, press read (pink). You are free to skip the prologue and head straight to the tutorial - you can do this by pressing skip (blue). You can always read it again later on.

Whenever screens like this appear, the left button means back, the middle button means close, and the right button means next!