A pessimistic, tsukkomi type older brother actor.

Minagi Tsuzuru (皆木綴) is the third member of the Spring Troupe. To fulfill his dream of becoming a scenarist, he joins not only as an actor but as a writer for all scripts as well. Tsuzuru decides to relieve the financial burden his big family endures a bit by living in the Mankai Companys dormitory. Aside from attending a university, Tsuzuru is also constantly working between multiple part time jobs.

Appearance Edit

Tsuzuru Casual Chibi 2

Tsuzuru is a tall, young man with light brown hair and green eyes. Given that his financial situation is not the best, he chose not waste much money or mind on his clothing style. That is why he picked up rather plain attire and is not interested in maintaining the most fashionable outfit, more a simple yet pragmatic one. He wears normal blue jeans and a black and turquoise colored hoodie, together with a green jacket on top and white Adidas sneaker.

Personality Edit

Growing up with seven younger brothers made Tsuzuru a collected and caring, sometimes over-protective young man, who is patient enough to handle, not only his own siblings but kids in general, including the younger, wilder members of the Mankai company. Tsuzuru tends to be a more serious person with a tendency to see things more skeptical or even pessimistic. The young actor has also shown great discipline and would stay up all night just to finish a script and would not rest until his work is done. Managing his part-time work, university and acting as well a writing for Mankai at the same time is a prime example of his dedication and hard working mentality.

History Edit

Born into a family of ten brothers and two working parents, he, as the third oldest brother, was often in charge of taking care of the younger ones. After he became a college student, he chose to pursue his dream of working as a screenwriter. However, he soon encountered troubles. Finding a theater company that lets him, as a newcomer, write the performances and also provides him with a room to live in was not easy to find, not even on Velvet Way. Izumi saw this as an opportunity to invite him to the Mankai Company.

Link Skill Edit

Link SkillCharactersEffect
Revived Spring TroupeTsuzuruSSRIconSakuyaSSRIconMasumiSSRIconItaruSSRIconCitronSSRIconBig Sr Boost
Soccer Club AssociationTsuzuruSSRIconOmiSSRIconTasukuSSRIcon Ac Boost
Hasei University GroupTsuzuruSSRIconOmiSSRIconSr Boost
Literature Club AssociationTsuzuruSSRIconHomareSSRIconCo Boost
Manzai Star DuoTsuzuruSSRIconCitronSSRIconCo Boost

Quotes Edit

Normal Home Screen Quotes Edit

  • "Good grief, both Sakuya and Masumi are so troublesome..."
  • "Haha, just like my little brothers."
  • "Hn? What happened?"
  • "Poking me so much, isn't fun right?"
  • "Geez... seriously."
  • "W-Wait, where are you touching… I'll counter back you know?"
  • "I wonder what to do about the material for the next screenplay..."
  • "Hey, no playing around and let's practice already!"
  • "Alright, let's do our best today too!"
  • "Eh, are you still up? Sleep is important. I'm not one to talk though."
  • "I'm glad I worked as a mover before"

Special Home Screen Quotes Edit

  • "Happy birthday, Arisugawa-san. Thank you for always recommending books for me."
  • "Happy birthday, Takato-san. Next time again let's gather people and go play soccer."
  • "I did research in advance about what Sakuya wanted. Now I only have to give it to him."
  • "Happy birthday. Thanks to the Director, I was able to get one step closer towards my dream."
  • "Ah… Thank you for the chocolates. I hope that one day, I’d be able to make some too." Valentine's Day Dialogue
  • "Eh, I’m not too sure what I should do but… here, it’s… a return gift" White Day Dialogue
  • "As his roommate, maybe I should try decorating the room with birthday ornaments–"
  • "I get tricked every year so I won’t fall for it this time… Eh? Is it true that Itaru-san has quit playing games?" April Fool's Dialogue
  • "My birthday~ The times really flies, I'll devote every day to become a playwright!"
  • "Itaru-san, is there anything besides games you want...?"
  • "My little brothers back home, I hope they grow up strong..." Children's Day Dialogue
  • "Congratulations. When Citron-san is there, the mood always calms down, I'm thankful for that."
  • "Ikaruga-san, congratulations. Although it's just a rice, do you want that triangle?"

Practice QuotesEdit

  • "Now, let's do our best at practice."
  • "Sit-ups are abs are going to split......Ah, it might be good if they do?"
  • "Hatapopo horohoro ha hi fu he ho. Hinya...I messed up..."
  • "This scene is not that great when it's acted out...I might have rewrite it."
  • "Oh, that went well just then."
  • "As I thought, this line"
  • "What should I do about my little brothers~"
  • "In terms of the number of part-time jobs I've worked until now, I won't lose to even you, Director."
  • "I feel like the number of little brothers I have has increased since I joined this company..."
  • "Sakuya's occasionally too good a guy; I worry for him..."
  • "I'd like Masumi to hold interest in a few things other than just the Director..."
  • "I'm not confident I can handle Itaru-san well..."
  • "The Spring Troupe's mood maker would be...Citron-san, maybe?"
  • "Heh...that was tougher than work."

Trivia Edit

Tsuzuru sig
  • Omi and Tsuzuru goes to the same college, Hasei University.
  • Kazunari was his High School Senpai.
  • He shares a room with Masumi.
  • He has no food he dislikes but his favourite is Yakisoba with ankake sauce.
  • Kazunari gave him the nickname Tsuzurun and Yuki calls him "Villager C", because like a NPC in an RPG Tsuzuru doesn't really stand out.
  • The worst part-time job he ever had was the dog sitting and walking of five large dogs at the same time.
  • Tsuzuru has no person he thinks of as a rival.
    • He does respect Omi the most and often tries to learn new recipes from him.
      Tsuzurus doodle

      Tsuzurus Doodle.

  • Along with Yuki, Kazunari, Sakyo and Omi, he is one of the few people who do additional work for Mankai.
    • In Tsuzurus case; writing all the performance stories and scripts.
  • Tsuzuru is good at doing housework and cooking fried rice.
  • In the past Tsuzuru has sometimes written small skits, his little brothers played out for his other family members birthdays. He had so much fun with it, that it sparked his interest in becoming a playwright.
  • In "Romeo and Julius" he played the support character Mercutio and in "Boy Alice in Wonderland" again a support role, this time "The White Rabbit".
  • Tsuzuru has no specific role he would like to try in the future but is interested in doing a self-portrait exercise like the Autumn Troupe did.
  • To him, the Mankai Company is "A place that lets him try new things" and "The special place that lets him continue to fulfill his dream".

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