Romeo & Julius is the first stage play of MANKAI Company's newborn Spring Troupe. Like the previous Spring Troupe they decided to pick up this classic Shakespeare theatre script but also adding a new and innovative twist to it, making the entire cast male. Instead on focusing on the tragic well-known romance of Romeo and Juliet, the Spring Troupe turned it into a play about friendship. The main lead was Sakuma Sakuya as Romeo Montague, who had the most experience of all his fellow troupe members, his co-star and second lead was Usui Masumi as Julius Capulet the male version of Juliet. They decided to go the same route the old Spring Troupe went, by focusing to adapt classic tales and combine these with new elements.

Synopsis Edit

The Montague Family and the Capulet House are the two most famous and wealthy houses in the town...

Both Families have sons; Romeo and Julius, who by chance both fell in love with the same woman they often fought over, but they were too late and the woman already got a herself a new lover. Both heartbroken made the promise to travel the world together...

Performance Edit

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