Event DurationEdit

Start Day: 04/20/17 0:00 JST End Day: 04/24/17 13:59 JST
Start Night: 04/24/17 0:00 JST End Night: 04/27/17 23:59 JST
Start Day & Night: 04/23/17 0:00 JST End Day & Night: 04/30/17 23:59 JST

Important: This is three-part scout, meaning the scout has two main parts (the Day and Night scout) and at the end a combined scout where all cards from the previous two scouts become available.

Cards you can obtainEdit

When doing an 10 scout, you'll have an SR guaranteed.

Night Scout Cards Edit

Masumi R3 Hisoka SR2

Day Scout Cards Edit

Omi R3 Tsuzuru SR2
Sakuya SSR3

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