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A genius Ore-sama type actor who really hates to lose.

Sumeragi Tenma (皇天馬) is the leader of the Summer Troupe and a skillful performer who was a prodigy child actor in his past. He is a thoroughbred with parents that are both movie stars. Because of this, he possesses absolute confidence in his acting and hates to lose. This resulted in him claiming only very few friends. Tenma joined the Mankai Company while he was in the middle of filming a movie, but because of a certain reason, he decided to take on the stage.

Appearance Edit

Tenma Casual Chibi 2
The look Tenma possesses is a nonchalant yet sporty one. He has a tall stature and bright orange hair with complimenting purple eyes. The young boy wears a light blue jean jacket with a small application that says "Summer" on it. He also wears a white and blue striped T-shirt beneath, a pair of dark blue jogging pants, and fire red sneakers to complete his outfit.

Personality Edit

Tenma is a confident, arrogant boy who is not afraid to tell other people that he is a better actor than them. This cocky and self-centered attitude often caused difficulties in the past, and sometimes in the present, with his co-actors. Being the leader of the summer troupe helped him to understand the feelings of others a bit better, and he became much more humble and understanding. However, Tenma does have a weak side to him. He is insecure with acting in front a live audience. To overcome this and to grow to be an even better actor, he took the audition for the Mankai Company.

History Edit

With two actors as parents, he was raised in the show business and began his own acting career at a very young age. Tenma often felt pressured by the success of his parents and feared disappointing them. Due to that, he always worked hard on his abilities. Yet he came to fear performing for an audience. While starring in movies, mistakes could always get cut out. On stage, everything is live. Scared to bring disgrace to the family, he vehemently avoided live situations. In the end, overcoming his weakness drew him forward to be the best actor he could be. He chose to audition for the Mankai Company Summer Troupe after the success of their latest stage play.

Link Skill Edit

Link SkillCharactersEffect
Revived Summer TroupeTenmaSSRIconYukiSSRIconMukuSSRIconKazunariSSRIconMisumiSSRIconBig Co Boost
LeadersTenmaSSRIconSakuyaSSRIconBanriSSRIconTsumugiSSRIcon Ac Boost
Ohana High School GroupTenmaSSRIconJuzaSSRIconTaichi IconAc Boost
Parents OverseasTenmaSSRIconMasumiSSRIconAc Boost
Shopping BuddiesTenmaSSRIconBanriSSRIconCo Boost

Quotes Edit

Normal Home Screen Quotes Edit

  • "If you want me to pay attention to you so much, be my partner for a kiss scene."
  • "I'm not free either!"
  • "That bastard, so noisy with his nagging in our room…"
  • "Oh... don't startle me"
  • "School is so boring. I'm having the most fun while acting"
  • "One day I'm featured on the cover of "Monthly Bonsai Friends"....!"
  • "I don't have a poor sense of direction! ....I'm just bad at remembering roads"
  • "Hm? Need something?"
  • "Did you finally notice my greatness?"
  • "One of the dramas I'm in is airing on TV soon"
  • "Morning. Director, get ready soon. Then, I'm off."

Special Home Screen Quotes Edit

  • "Arisu-san, he was so moved by Misumi's weird poem he started crying... what's with those two..."
  • "Tasuku-san, happy birthday. I approve of your acting. Still, I don't plan on losing to you either."
  • "Thanks to the Director I was able to notice many things, and I was also able to make friends. Thank you."
  • "Even though you call me trashy every day, I always take care of the sleeping you who fell asleep while making clothes. You don’t even know it, do you? Respect me more!" (A message to Yuki)
  • "I can't eat the chocolates my fans give me. ....So I'll accept yours instead." Valentine's Day Dialogue
  • "What do you want for your return gift? Just don’t say anything like “it’s the thought that counts”, okay?" White Day Dialogue
  • "Congratulations Sakuya. You've... helped me with many things. From now on, let's give our best as leaders."
  • "It’s Masumi’s birthday, right…? As for a present, it’d definitely be the Director, right…? No way, that’s just unfair…"
  • "You’re trying to trick me, right? I know that today’s April Fool's so I won’t fall for it!" April Fool's Dialogue
  • "Tsuzuru-san, Happy Birthday. I'll look forward to your scripts from here on out."
  • "Itaru-san, are you playing games even on your birthday.... Are they that fun...?"
  • "The dormitory is decorated with carp streamers.... Even so, it feels different from other carp streamers..." Children's Day Dialogue
  • "Citron, Happy Birthday. Please consider learning Japanese properly."
  • "Misumi, Happy Birthday. Since today is special, I'll help you search for triangles."

Practice Quotes Edit

  • "You can't relax just because it's practice, so get ready."
  • "Instruct me in acting? Bring it on."
  • "I want to do a sword battle too... Cool, like this..."
  • "How about it? My acting just then was perfect, right?"
  • "Damn it, this role is pretty difficult..."
  • "There's no time to whine."
  • "The only one around here who understands the goodness of bonsai is Tsumugi-san."
  • "Playing an old man who turns into a high school girl in a drama....Yeah, I had mixed feelings about that."
  • "Stage plays are a test of physical strength. Everyone in the summer troupe needs to train more."
  • "Not even death could cure Yuki's brattiness."
  • "It'd be nice if Muku could grow bolder in his acting."
  • "Misumi has a weird way of getting into character. Just who on earth is he...?"
  • "Kazunari just says we're friends! It's not like I...really...!"
  • "Let's leave it here for today. Good job."

Trivia Edit

Tenma Signature
  • With his fellow troupe leaders, he sang as A3ders! for the game's main theme song: MANKAI☆Kaika Sengen.
  • He has a bad sense of direction, which he denies.
  • He likes to eat hamburger but hates vegetables.
  • Tenma's roommate is Rurikawa Yuki.
    • Both often quarrel but still look out for each other.
  • Yuki calls him "shitty actor", while Kazunari named him "Tenten".
  • His school, Ohana High School, is the same Nanao Taichi and Hyodo Juza attend.
  • In Water me!, he portrayed the lead character Alibaba. In The Adventure for Sardines he got the support role "Mike".
  • Tenma is good at crying on command.
  • Tenma sees Tasuku as his rival because the older stage actor has more on stage experience than Tenma himself.
    • He respects Sakuya the most for his work as the Spring Troupe leader.
      Tenma doodle

      Tenma's Doodle

  • A role Tenma would like to have in the future is one of "a bad guy" as he is always playing the cool or good character in TV productions and would like to try something new.
  • When he was younger, he played a role of a ghost once. For that, he had to film in an abandoned building, which scared him. Even though he denies it.
  • To him, the MANKAI Company is "a place that taught him how interesting theater is".

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