Water me! is the first stage play of MANKAI Company's newborn Summer Troupe. With Water me! the Summer Troupe bought the story of One Thousand and One Nights to the stage in a new and much funnier version. Due to the fact everyone wanted to be the lead actor Minagi Tsuzuru decided to write a story with many different well known protagonists, so that everyone has the opportunity to shine on stage. The official main lead was Sumeragi Tenma as Alibana and the second lead character was his childhood friend Scheherazade played by Rurikawa Yuki. Like the old Summer Troupe's plays they kept their focus on refreshing comedies.

Synopsis Edit

Water me!〜我らが水を求めて〜 砂漠において、水は命の源水源を握ること、すなわち巨万の富を握ることに他ならない砂漠に住む誰しもが夢見る、人呼んでウォーター・ドリーム…億万長者を夢見る貧乏青年アリババは、幼なじみのシェヘラザードから、この世のどこかにあるという幻の楽園 『オアシス』の存在を聞かされ独り占めして巨万の富を築くべオアシス探しの旅に出るのだった…な!

Performance Edit